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  • Remove covering after 1 hour/when you return home.  

  • Wash with warm soapy water and pat dry.

  • Apply a water based anti-septic cream (such as Savlon, Bepanthen, or a genuine branded tattoo cream)

  • Do this at least 4 times a day, as well as whenever your tattoo is dry or itchy.

  • Keep your tattoo covered from the sun/tanning while healing, and apply 50+ sun protection when healed.

  • Do not go swimming until your new tattoo is healed. 

  • Do not pick or scratch at your new tattoo.

  • If the cream you are using creates heat or rash, switch to an alternative cream.

  • We recommend keeping your tattoo well moisturized for vibrancy and longevity. 


We work to the highest standard of hygiene, but when you have left our studio, your tattoo is your responsibility and out of our control. Please take good care of it!

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